We assist you with the definition of your projects. We use simulation studies to help you to optimally size your equipment and analyse the performance of your hybrid systems (technical and financial analysis for the lifetime of the installation). Our simulations take into account our innovative energy management based of predictive optimal control.

Example of studies:

→  Sizing of storage or generation units with respect to project contract conditions and energy management strategies implemented (detailed parametric simulations using ENERBIRD® EMS management algorithms) ;
→  Summary of station operation for one year and calculation of management performance indicators;
→  Report of the detailed technical and financial study for the lifetime of the station using a simulation-based statistical model and destined for investors;
→  Comparative study of forecast providers;
→  Timeseries of  battery  power profiles to define guarantee contracts with suppliers.
The Smart Energy team makes its expertise and efficient tools available to you to respond to all your engineering study needs.