Favour the penetration of renewable energies by optimising the energy management of hybrid power stations


The Smart Energy activity of Naldeo Technologie Industrie develops and markets ENERBIRD energy management solutions (EMS) and command control solutions for hybrid energy systems.

ENERBIRD guarantees optimal control by an innovative optimisation technology and real-time model-based control, integrating predictive data (production and load).

ENERBIRD is a modular and technologically agnostic solution, which makes it compatible with all types of equipment and enables it to address a variety of applications: optimal storage of renewable energies, hybridising diesel generators, grid services, power supply to isolated sites, charging electric vehicles or demand side management.



As the successor of Bertin Technologies on the “Bertin Energy Environment” activities, we have supported our customers towards technological excellence and environmental exemplarity for more than 60 years. Our historical positioning as a technological solutions designer has been extended and completed by an engineering, expertise and consulting offer. We evaluate, design and implement innovative turnkey solutions. We rely on the complementarity of our 80 engineers and experts to support industries and territories in their energy transition.

Present on all dimensions of innovation in industry, we bring together skills in strategic consulting, process engineering, industrial risk management, operational safety of complex systems, energy performance and digital tools. Our clients thus benefit from independent and objective support, from strategic thinking to the implementation of innovative solutions.

We support a bold vision of industrial facilities that will minimize their impact and dependence on their environment, through a range of solutions from energy efficiency and process flexibility to the transition to local and renewable energy.


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