enerbird scada

ENERBIRD SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a digital command control system.



ENERBIRD SCADA supervises the power station. It acts on devices, communicates with equipment and determines the status of batteries, converters and electricity production equipment in real time. Supervision proposes intuitive navigation between different pages and menus.

Data management

ENERBIRD SCADA transmits operating data from the systems to which it is connected. The data processed by SCADA are stored in an optimised local SQL database.

ENERBIRD® SCADA assure la remontée des données d’exploitation depuis les systèmes avec lesquels il est connecté. Les données traitées par le SCADA sont stockées sur une base de données locale SQL optimisée.

Alarm management

SCADA transmits alarms concerning unavailability of equipment, loss of internet connection, disconnection from the grid, etc. There are several levels of criticality resulting in several types of action: inclusion in alarm logs, email broadcast or SMS broadcast.

What we supply

A configured on-board ENERBIRD SCADA system (one industrial PC).

The ENERBIRD SCADA solution customised for the project (development of specific views, data storage management, alarm management).

A user manual.
An acceptance report on the operation on the simulator dedicated to the project.
A final on-site acceptance report of the SCADA.