In the context of the current energy transition to reducing reliance on fossil fuels, renewable energies are destined to become major contributors to the energy mix. Increasing the penetration rate of renewable energies beyond a certain threshold, however, poses problems of grid stability because of the intermittent nature of these energies, in particular solar and wind power.

It is therefore necessary to be able to manage and control the sources of distributed and intermittent energy. A suitable response involves battery storage combined with renewable power assets, made competitive in certain applications by continued cost reductions, provided this response is combined with advanced energy management strategies.

Calls for tender for non-interconnected zones by the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC NIZ CT), promote this approach as one of the levers for the massive integration in intermittent renewable energies.


The ENERBIRD EMS solution has been developed by Smart Energy in the highly demanding framework of the calls for tender by the ERCfor photovoltaic farms with storage. These solar energy facilities must forecast the next day’s production output and commit to delivering it by relying on intelligent storage management. These installations must also be able to offer additional electricity injected in the grid during evening peak consumption times. Optimising revenues therefore requires energy management algorithms that are capable of including data on production predictions and resolving a complex optimisation issue (maximising revenue and energy injected during evening peaks, minimising production output curtailment, minimising penalties and battery ageing).

ENERBIRD EMS notifies day-ahead production schedules for the stations it equips. It establishes an optimal production schedule upstream, based on predictive data and a detailed model of the system. It guarantees the grid manager that this announced production schedule will be followed by the real-time consideration of differences between planned and actual production and the state of the stations.

ENERBIRD EMS is current the solution leader on the CRE call for tender market in non-interconnected areas. It is also applied to solar and wind projects with storage in other contexts. It is the benchmark solution for the optimal management of intermittent electricity power assets with storage.